I got a question over the weekend from my good friend Dan about the Quote Of The Day posts that I sometimes do. He wanted to know if I did the quotes just as a fill in because I had nothing better to post. And if I went scouring the web just looking for quotes.

The answer is No in both cases

Regarding yesterday’s quote which really hit home for me, I had on the CBS Sunday Morning show and they were doing an interview with Steve Case of AOL fame. I was half listening while doing other things, but did take to heart his quoting of Thomas Edison:

Vision without execution is hallucination.

-Thomas Edison

It really hit home for me. How many times do we wax poetic about images that others have done? How many techie blog posts do we read without ever picking up a camera to actually test a method or explore the idiosyncrasies of a piece of gear? How many books do we buy that we never finish? How many lighting modifiers do we buy that still sit in a box unused?

Last nite we were out testing some infrared outdoors

I decided to grab a shot of the moon seeing that it was Supermoon weekend. I shot it in full spectrum mode. Kind of nice – lens flare hotspot and everything. It won’t make anyone’s Photo Of The Day award but it will be memorable for me because it’s something I never tried before.

On unused gear, I may hold the record on that. I have a softbox that I purchased in 1995 that’s still sitting in the original packing box. Wow. I bought it as a spare but it seems I never needed it. Yet more softboxes were purchased after that. Maybe it’s time to pull that old thing out of the packing to see if it hasn’t totally rotted out.

What he want

Edison’s quote above is a wake up call for me to get up off the couch and get my ass in gear. So many visions but for many of them, no execution. Even if you did one new thing a week, at the end f the year, you’d have 52 new things done.

There’s a little building here that I have shot for a commercial client a number of times. It sits on a northwest/southeast angle and if you catch things just right, it’s in perfect lineup with a rising moon. Paid or not, I’m going over to shoot it on July 22nd, the next full moon cycle. It’s one of those things that has been banging around in my head for a long while. It’s time to bring that vision to reality.

Those Quotes

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