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So why Ohno? Because sometimes, failure is the only option, and from these things, you learn. And it sounds much better than Oh Shit or Oh Crap.

There are simple philosophies that I use. Do your best work. Tie up loose ends. Get it right “in camera” as much as you can. And that old sales adage – Plan Your Work, Work Your Plan. Because without at least some semblance of a roadmap, you’ve got nothing.

Ohnostudio is a personal project. I use a variety of cameras ranging from film to an ancient Olympus point & shoot to snobby Leicas to even the Panasonic noiseboxes. My most used camera line is Nikon which I’ve been shooting since about 1982. Before that it was Zeiss film with occasional forays back to an old and battered Yashica TLR. My favorite camera in recent years has been the old Kodak DCS Pro SLR/n. Circa 2004, I still use it.   But as any ‘tog with a brain knows, it’s not about the gear, it’s all about the Light and not much more.

There will be few rants here and there, but the blog is mostly it’s about the vision and how my world is perceived. I leave the magic settings and the Photoshop dancing  to others. Because if you can’t think for yourself without a step by step charted by others, you’ve got nothing.

I’m sure I’ll expand more on work methods and philosophies, but for now, let’s just get the blog up and running.