Hen’s Party And Pandemic: 8 Alternative Ways

So, you are about to have your best friend, sister or daughter coming into town for her hen’s night. But wait! Pandemic has spread across the world and all flights are grounded. What to do? Have no fear! Help is here! Here are some ideas of how you can spend the night together without leaving the house or making too much noise which could attract zombies or bring attention to yourself.

1) Watch movies

      Movies are great anytime, but when there is a pandemic, they become even better entertainment. Of course, you will want to watch all of your girlie movies that you have been saving up for this special occasion. Make popcorn, get the ice cream and have a silent movie night. Don’t forget the face masks!

2) Play board games

      Board games are a great way to pass time without making noise or leaving the house. Remember – zombies have poor eyesight, but they do have an acute sense of hearing. They also love human flesh and will do anything to get at it – including breaking down your front door if you make too much noise. If this happens, close all the doors into the room that you are playing in and put on your zombie protection gear which includes everyone’s best friend – duct tape! Play monopoly,  connect four or any other game where you can sit still for hours.

3) Make Hens party decorations

     Hen’s party decorations are great for this situation because they require no noise to make. All you need is some bright pink tissue paper and sticky tape, perhaps a few balloons which you can blow up yourself. Cut out feathers in varying sizes and glue them onto your pink paper. Use the sticky tapes to attach the streamers to tables or walls so that they hang down without getting caught on anything or making too much noise when they touch things.

4) Play dress-ups

     This is another great idea if you are looking for something fun but quiet! Take time choosing your outfits beforehand so you know who will have what. Make sure that none of the clothes is new, especially shoes – zombies have an excellent sense of smell! If there are any clothes in a particularly good condition, cover them in dirt and blood to throw zombies off. Zombies also have a keen sense of sight when it comes to human flesh so stay away from any white or brightly coloured clothing.

5) Make food

     If you want an excuse for cooking for hours on end, this is the perfect opportunity! Cooking is great because it keeps your hands busy while keeping noise levels down so you can keep an ear out for wandering zombies. The more time that passes between making a sound and hearing a zombie, the better. There are plenty of easy recipes that use eggs, flour and sugar which can be prepared beforehand and stored until needed. Again avoid anything too messy or noisy like washing up during this night unless you have to.

6) Have an indoor picnic

     This is another great way to avoid noise, especially if you are in a large group of people. All you need is some table cloths and your food which can be served on trays again to ensure no noise! If you have any small children or pets that you don’t want around, send them out into the backyard where they will be safe for the night. Remember, zombies aren’t stupid – they know that children make great snacks! Make sure all your windows are tightly shut before letting anyone back inside.

7) Study lines     

This idea only works if there are actors among the partygoers but it doesn’t have to be trying to be professional either! Watching zombie movies is great practice, especially if you are the nervous type. You will need to know all of your lines for when it comes time to act, so why not get into some good habits by preparing beforehand? Study with friends or family members who can help you which works even better!

8) Play games

     There is plenty of zombie-themed board games available on the market that will help to pass the time. Why not play twister? Or perhaps a game of charades? You can even make up your games when you get bored of the constant hum of your house’s electricity supply! Remember when playing anything to keep your hands visible at all times and if it gets too noisy, put duct tape over everyone’s mouths so they know they have gone too far.
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