Ideas For Engagement Gift

The biggest fear most men tend to have about weddings is that they’ll be expected to give a gift. This can be exacerbated if the couple has been married before and the groom is part of a wedding party for the third time.

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However, this doesn’t have to be the case as there are many unique ideas for engagement gifts that can serve as both an engagement present and as a wedding gift.

Appliances & Housewares

This type of gift works well if you’re not sure what items they already own or if your budget isn’t big enough for larger furniture pieces. If you know what appliances etc. they want then it’s entirely possible to get these items on sale at a discount close to the time of their wedding.

If you don’t, then it can be difficult to know which appliances are considered to be on the “wish list” and which ones would just be nice to have. One way around this is simply asking them if they need any of these items or have had their eye on anything recently.

Another option is buying smaller items that will go towards making their current house feel more like home. For example, what about getting them some good quality bath towels?

They’ll come in handy for guests when they’re staying over but could also serve as an engagement present so there’s no worry about needing to shop for another item to celebrate the engagement too!

If you do decide to make your purchase online, make sure you create an account so you’re well equipped to receive any discounts or deals that may be available after the wedding date passes.

Home Decor

If your gift is for their new home then why not consider getting them some pieces of decor they can put in it? A nice rug always adds something to a room so why not get them one which both fits with their style and also serves as an engagement present too?

It’s the sort of gift which could easily be put away until needed but will immediately add something special to any room if displayed on the floor. Alternatively, if you don’t want to invest in one big piece, how about looking at smaller ones instead?

With these types of accessories gone are the days when it has been all or nothing – instead, you can pick and choose exactly what you want to get depending on your tastes and their needs.

Another option is looking at wall art. This doesn’t just have to be paintings either, there are some amazing pieces of contemporary art out there that would add a unique touch to any room.

If you’re not sure about getting something like this for them then why not look at getting it as part of a set that includes more traditional forms of artwork?

That way they’ll still be able to hang up some pictures but also get the chance to decorate another part of their home with something truly unique and special too.

Office & Stationery Gifts

If your wedding is going to be relatively small or if you’ve been invited together with other friends then you may not necessarily need to get them something like appliances – instead, some other options could be worth considering. Think about getting them the gift of organization.

There’s nothing better than knowing exactly where everything is in your office so why not think of getting them a set of filing cabinets? They’ll love the fact you’ve gone out of your way to help them declutter, making life easier for both themselves and their family too.

Another option would be looking at stationery gifts. When it comes to buying wedding cards it can always feel like there’s just one type available but with stationery that couldn’t be further from the truth!

If they’re keen on writing letters or even just sending emails then having all of this sort for them thanks to a nice pen and paper set could be something they’ll love.

There are some other options too such as getting them an organizer for their desk or even a new computer which will make writing, emailing and working on documents much easier indeed.

Personalized Gifts

If you haven’t added any of the above ideas to your list then why not consider personalized gifts instead? If you know where they’re registered then use this as inspiration for what you get them – if they’ve registered at somewhere like John Lewis then buying something from there can easily feel like a safe bet!

Another option is looking at what hobbies they have and getting specific items that convey that aspect of their personality too. For example, if they’re into sports then having a nice clock that shows the time in a sports score could be something they’ll get a lot of use out of.

It’s also possible to get them personalized gifts that aren’t branded with their name or initial – instead, you can get personalised art for their walls, custom cufflinks to suit their suit and even a nice board game so you can play together at home!

It’s yet another way to add a unique touch to your gift-giving while still making sure they know how much thought went into picking it out too.

Other Gift Ideas

Of course, it doesn’t have to be just these traditional engagement presents either – there are some alternative ones which may surprise you but which will show how well you know them.

For example, if they like to garden then getting them some pot plants can be a great idea – you’ll never know, they may even invite you around to show it off (or at least help with watering it).

Another option would be something like wine or champagne. Take this one step further and why not get them personalized wine holders, glasses or even a nice rack where they can store all of their drinks? If they’ve got an office away from home then why not think about one of those too instead?

Yes, there are lots of great choices for wedding gifts but sometimes the most romantic ones aren’t always the obvious ones!

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