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As the main page blogroll was too fragmented, I’m putting photography and resource links here. Based on some feedback, and because my interests are sometimes varied and narrow sector, I’m putting links here with brief descriptions so you can get what you want, and not what you don’t. A few Google Plus Communities have been included here. I’ll be making additions along the way.


Alternative – Pinhole, Infrared and more

Bjørn Rørslett / Far Side – Infrared, UV, science and oddities

C Mount Lens Group on Google Plus – Good CCTV lens info here. I’m the group owner.

Caffenol Blog – Alternative film development using things like Instant Coffee and Powdered Vitamin C

Caffenol Dot Org – Developing film with Coffee – Recipes, experiments

Caffenolcolor – Developing C-41 films with coffee and some other useful stuff for homemade photography

Infrared Group on Google Plus – a dark art with an even darker filter

Infrared Atelier – Infrared with various digital cameras. Specifics can be hard to find here because of misuse of tags

Jon Grepstad – Pinhole, large format, landscapes, history

Nancy Breslin – Pinhole, Fine Art, Delaware USA

Without Lenses – Lensless photography

Worldwide Pinhole Photography Day – April 28, 2013

Artsy Fartsy Stuff

125 World – Unique visual compendium of new ideas in photography, fashion, art and culture.

Silvershotz – International Journal of Contemporary Photography

This Is Colossal – I’ve linked the photography section here but there’s much more including fine art and design.

Film Photography

Japan Camera Hunter – Find The Retro Camera of Your Dreams – film cameras both current and vintage, gear bags, commentary

Film Photography Project – videos and podcasts about film photography and some Polaroid stuff. The site also has a little store.

Lighting and Flash Photography

Strobist – Learn to Light – New Shooters go directly to Lighting 101, Do Not Pass Go, Do Not Collect $200

Lighten Up and Shoot – Real life on the road shooting for real road warriors – Mikey’s a fun guy

Mainstream Gear Talk, Reviews, Technique

Camera Labs – Trusted camera review site

Imaging Resource – Gear, news, original reviews and not press release rehashes

ByThom / Thom Hogan – good Nikon info, industry commentary

Photofocus – by Scott Bourne. Gear talk and commentary.

Visual Science Lab – Sony and Hasselblad, commercial shooting, photography essays

Micro 4/3 and Small Digital Cameras

SansMirror by Thom Hogan – Micro 4/3 and other mirrorless

Photographer Sites and Blogs – Friends and Influences

Alex Cena – Dallas headshot and lifestyle photographer

Drew Gardner – Esteemed Mentor of all things good

Robin Wong – Kuala Lumpur’s most energetic street photographer

Joe McNally – Lives in a comic book world all his own

Ming Thein – Photographic skills of the finest level, poses questions that make you think

Peter Hurley – Headshot Master – Shabam!

Video and Film Making

EOSHD – outstanding video and cinematography tech site

Vince Laforet – Gear, technique

Philip Bloom – Gear, technique, reviews, small forum

Timescapes by Tom Lowe – master of timelapse

Vintage Cameras

Vintage Camera Group on Google Plus

Matt’s Classic Camera Collection – Specs, User Tips, Repair Tips, and Sample Pictures