Top 7 Tips To Minimize Discomfort During Microblading

Recently, I’ve been getting several inquiries about the microblading procedure. It’s an exciting process because it can help you achieve a more defined, natural-looking brow. However, the pain associated with this technique has many clients wondering how bad it is before committing to having it done.

To address your concerns directly, here are some common questions I get asked along with my responses based on my experience as a professional makeup artist who specializes in brow artistry:

Does Microblading Hurt?

Some people may experience slight discomfort similar to what one might feel during tattooing. If you’re nervous or anxious about the pain factor then I recommend taking 1 Benadryl tablet 30 minutes before your appointment.

Many people who I’ve worked with find the microblading process quite tolerable, but for those that have a low pain threshold or just can’t seem to handle any type of discomfort then there are ways to minimize pain.  

If you’re planning to get your eyebrows microbladed, please read these tips before going in for your appointment:

Top 7 Tips To Minimize Discomfort During Microblading Procedure:

1 – The more relaxed and comfortable you are during the procedure, the less it’ll hurt. Make sure you have a positive attitude about getting your brows done and tell yourself something along the lines of ‘I’m so excited to finally be living with my new eyebrows!’

Whatever you do, try to avoid saying things like ‘I can’t believe I’m getting my eyebrows done right now or anything that might give you negative vibes.

2 – When the microblading artist asks if you’re ready, respond with a resounding YES! This is where you need to be positive and confident because saying yes, it’ll help push the artist to start the procedure. If she believes you’re ready then she won’t hesitate when her hand touches your brow area.

3 – The more relaxed you are when they touch your face, the less it’ll hurt. Try this technique: when they touch your face, close your lips tight so there’s no gap in between your top and bottom teeth. This creates a taut surface.

When the artist touches your face again, just open your mouth slightly so air can pass through which will give you some breathing space if it hurts.

4 – Keep in mind that this is just temporary pain meaning every small prick will only last for about 1 to 2 seconds.       

What’s important is to stay positive and remind yourself that after every touch, the discomfort isn’t as strong as before plus the number of touches decreases with each passing minute so it’ll all be worth it.                                    

5 – Focus on something else instead of what’s happening on your face because if you keep thinking about how much it hurts then it’ll be harder to tolerate. Think of something pleasant like when you went on a vacation or hanging out with your friends.

Just thinking about positive things will distract you from giving in to the pain.

After Microblading, what can I do? 

Remember that your brows will most likely look darker and thicker during the first week of healing since blood is rushing into the eyebrow area after getting microbladed.        

Be sure to follow these post-procedure tips: keep your brows moist and protected after they’re done and avoid touching them (especially if there’s any ointment applied). You can go back to work immediately but make sure you wear sunscreen since sun exposure might cause some fading.

6 – Avoid wearing makeup for 2 days after your microblading session.      

The goal is to keep the brows moist for faster healing and if you’re wearing makeup on top of having dry skin then it’ll cause peeling which might slow down the healing process.                                     

7 – Two days after your microblading session, remove any oil residue using a gentle cleansing solution like Cetaphil soap.          

If you won’t be able to shower until 2 days later then try cleaning the brow area with damp cotton pads instead of washing them with plain water. After that, apply an ointment or sunblock all over your face (especially on your eyebrows) before heading out.

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