What Everyone Ought To Know About Car Detailing

If you are reading this, chances are you either want to start detailing your own car or already detail cars as a side hustle. In either case, congratulations because detailing is not an easy job nor it is the easiest way to make money. As a matter of fact, it takes time and patience if you want to get good at it.

What Is Car Detailing?

In general car detailing means bringing back the shine and luster on your car by making extensive use of polishing compounds, waxes and cleaners that help remove oxidation from paint and restore its smooth look. It can be done in a garage but most people prefer taking their vehicle to professional detailers because they lack space, proper equipment and sufficient experience to do what needs to be done.

If you want to learn how to detail cars, the first thing you need to do is buy yourself a car. Getting another one just for detailing is not recommended because you cannot wash it whenever you want, waxing it daily would be impossible and transporting extra supplies all around town can be annoying. You might also spend more time talking with clients than actually doing something about their car so in the end there are no real benefits of having your own car for detailing business.

Detailing Equipment

Here are some things that are essential when it comes to any kind of detailing job: electric drill machine/polisher, assortment of foam pads in different sizes, cutting polishing compound, swirl remover polishing compound, finishing polish polishing compound, detailing clay for removing contaminants from paint, car wax of different grades, paint sealants and a host of other things. You can get them all in a kit or buy each item separately. As a matter of fact if possible you should buy equipment including power tools because they are going to help your business grow faster.

Where To Get Clients?

To begin with you need to know that it takes more than just washing cars and applying waxes to be able to call yourself a professional detailer. In many cities there are companies on various online portals that offer car polishing services but getting one client is not easy especially when you do everything by yourself at first. One way to gain some experience is joining an auto detailing forum where people share their knowledge about the subject and you can pick up a few things. Another thing people do is go to public car shows and offer free car washing services just so they get a chance to showcase what they can do. The other option is going door-to-door, but if that’s your approach then you better have a good sales pitch for potential clients because at first you are going to be turned down almost every time.

Car Detailing Services And Pricing

In general there are three types of paint care products, one being waxes which give cars a glossy finish by blocking out UV rays from sunlight. Two is sealants which form an impenetrable barrier on the surface of the paint making it and last longer than waxes do. The last category is known as paint polish which gets rid of fine surface scratches caused by washing and normal wear-and-tear.

Detailing Prices And Time

Before you can learn how to detail cars, you need to know that the price of every service is going to vary according to its complexity and time it will take for an experienced professional to do a job, not including materials needed. For example polishing costs more than waxing and takes longer because there are certain steps involved in the process which include cleaning the car’s surface, applying the compound onto it and then finishing up with a machine or hand-buffing.

In the end, as a car detailer you need to be creative with your marketing plans and as soon as you have a few regular clients don’t forget about them because good word of mouth will help you grow exponentially. Just remember that in this business your reputation is everything so once you get some experience under your belt never screw over any client no matter how big or small he/she is.

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